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Tram route numbers were not introduced until about 1913. For identification purposes, routes existing before that time are given the numbers they were later allocated. Where routes were altered before being numbered this is shown in the list.
All tram routes are Metropolitan Electric Tramway (MET) operated routes unless otherwise indicated. An exception is the Highgate Hill cable tramway which was independent.
From 1913 onwards, a number of MET tramway routes were linked in through services with London County Council (LCC) tramway routes and they then took the LCC route numbers. Some MET numbers, therefore were used only briefly if at all. It may be helpful to note that MET numbers are even numbers and LCC numbers (of the north London series in which we are interested) are odd numbers.
CableHighgate Village to Archway Tavern 30/05/1884 Closed 24/08/1909.
9 Highgate Village to Archway Tavern (no number - reopening of cable route) 24/03/1910
Linked to LCC 9 Moorgate to Archway Tavern 12/12/1910
Diverted to run Moorgate to Barnet 24/09/1914 (replacing 38 and being replaced on Highgate Hill by 11)
Curtailed at North Finchley in favour of 19 01/12/1914.
Replaced by trolleybus 609 in 1938.
10/16Stamford Hill to Angel Bridge (Edmonton) 12/08/1905
Extended in stages to Edmonton Town Hall (10) Waltham Cross (16) by 17/04/1908.
Replaced by 49 02/06/1920.
11LCC route Moorgate to Archway Tavern extended to Highgate Village in place of 9 on 25/09/14.
Replaced by trolleybus 611 in 1939.
17Farringdon Street to East Finchley, introduced 1935.
Replaced by trolleybuses 517/617 in 1938.
18Finsbury Park to Wood Green 22/07/1904. Wood Green to Bruce Grove 20/08/1904.
Linked and extended under the railway at Bruce Grove 11/04/1906.
Extended Bruce Grove to Stamford Hill 08/1906.
Withdrawn Bruce Grove to Stamford Hill 19/04/1915.
Withdrawn Wood Green to Finsbury Park 23/03/1918.
Replaced by 39a in 1934.
19LCC route Tottenham Court Road to North Finchley 24/09/1914.
Replaced 36.
Extended to Barnet in place of 9 on 01/12/1914.
Partly replaced by trolleybus 609 in 1938.
21LCC route supplemented 34 from 23/11/1913 running from Holborn to North Finchley via Finsbury Park and Wood Green.
Replaced by trolleybuses 521/621 in 1938.
24Finsbury Park to Seven Sisters 22/07/1904.
Extended to Brantwood Road, Tottenham 24/08/1904.
Extended a few yards to the borough boundary 01/11/1904.
Extended to Edmonton 12/04/1905.
Extended in stages to Waltham Cross by 17/04/1908.
Covered by LCC 27 and 59 from 23/06/1913 and withdrawn in 1914/15.
25Operated Tottenham Court Road to New Southgate in 1922-23.
27LCC route Tottenham Court Road to Seven Sisters 01/03/1913.
Supplemented 24.
Extended to Edmonton 26/11/1919.
Replaced by trolleybus 627 in 1938.
28Finsbury Park to Muswell Hill ?1906 – 15/08/1914.
Replaced by 51.
29MET route (unnumbered) Finsbury Park to Palmers Green on 07/06/1907.
Extended in stages to Enfield by 03/07/1909.
Combined with LCC route to run Tottenham Court Road to Enfield on 01/08/1912.
Replaced by trolleybus 629 in 1938.
(MET numbers 20 and 22 allocated but never used as the joint working with LCC 29 was inaugurated before numbers were used)
30Turnpike Lane to Alexandra Palace (West) 06/12/1905.
Renumbered 34 in 1924.
31A short working of LCC route 29 to Palmers Green. Withdrawn in 1923.
32Wood Green to Alexandra Palace (East) 11/04/1906. (Briefly ran through from Bruce Grove.)
Renumbered 37 in 1934.
34Wood Green to the 'Ranelagh' (Bounds Green) on 28/11/1906.
Extended to New Southgate on 11/05/1907 and to North Finchley on 08/04/1909.
Extended Wood Green to Finsbury Park on 08/04/1908
Supplemented by 21 from 23/11/1913.
Withdrawn 27/10/1920.
34Turnpike Lane to Alexandra Palace (West), renumbered from 30 in 1924.
Extended Turnpike Lane to Bruce Grove in 05/1926
Later run in two sections: Bruce Grove to Muswell Hill and Turnpike Lane to Alexandra Palace (West).
Renumbered 39 in 1934.
36/38Archway to North Finchley 07/06/1905
Extended Archway to Archway Tavern 22/12/1905
Extended North Finchley to Barnet Church by 28/03/1907.
With route numbering, 38 went to Barnet and 36 to North Finchley.
Withdrawn in favour of 9 and 19 24/09/1914.
37Wood Green to Alexandra Palace (East).
Renumbered from 32 in 1934 and replaced by bus 233 in 1938.
39LCC route Bruce Grove–Wood Green–Finsbury Park–Aldersgate 12/12/1921.
Replaced by 71 on 09/07/1924 but ran again from 1925 to 1931.
39Bruce Grove to Muswell Hill (Victoria) and Wood Green to Alexandra Palace (West).
Renumbered from 34 in 1934 and replaced between Turnpike Lane and Muswell Hill by buses 144/144a/144b and between Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace by buss 233 in 1938.
39aBruce Grove to Enfield.Replaced 18 in 1934 and replaced by trolleybus 625 in 1938.
41LCC route Moorgate to Manor House.
Extended to Wood Green 29/11/1928 but back to Manor House by 1934. Replaced by trolleybus 641 (from Winchmore Hill) in 1938.
49LCC route Liverpool Street to Edmonton 02/06/1920.
Replaced 10.
Extended to Waltham Cross 24/10/1923 to 07/10/1928 (not continuously).
Extended Edmonton to Enfield 01/1931.
Replaced by trolleybus 649 in 1938.
51LCC route Muswell Hill to Bloomsbury (later diverted to Aldersgate) 15/08/1914.
Replaced 28.
Withdrawn 1938.
Replaced between Turnpike Lane and Muswell Hill by buses 144/144a/144b.
53LCC route Aldgate-Stamford Hill-Finsbury Park-Tottenham Court Road 01/04/1924
Replaced by trolleybus 653 in 1939.
59Holborn to Edmonton/Waltham Cross.
LCC route Holborn to Edmonton 01/03/1913.
Supplemented 24.
Replaced by trolleybus 659 in 1938.
71LCC route Aldgate-Stamford Hill-Bruce Grove-Wood Green 01/04/1924.
Extended to Aldersgate on 09/07/1924 in place of 39.
Replaced between Stamford Hill and Wood Green by trolleybuses 543/643 in 1938.
79LCC route Smithfield to Waltham Cross 23/06/1913.
Supplemented 24.
Replaced by trolleybus 679 in 1938.

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